Christy has been working in the field of creative arts for over 30 years as a film maker, a TV director, a script writer, a dramatist, and a writer. He who entered the world of cinema in 1981 through the film ‘The Hunt (Dadayama)’ as its co-script writer and assistant director under veteran film maker Vasantha Obeysekara, has worked for about 10 years at the beginning of his career, as the assistant director of veterans such as Titus Thotatawatta, H.D. Premarathna, Malani Fonseka, Ananda Abeynayaka, Benet Rathnayaka and Bertram Nihal.

Christy, who is qualified in Mass communication and journalism from the university of Sri Jayawardanapura he has been working as an independent creative artist since then. By now he has created 4 feature films, 30 serialized TV drams, 11 one-act tele dramas, semi-feature films, documentary films, TV documentaries, and commercial advertisements.

He, who has worked as a special teacher of mathematics, a text book reviewer of the Govt. educational publications advisory board, a multimedia script writer and program producer at the audio visual unit of the distant education branch of the ministry of education and the program producer of the information division of the North Western provincial council, a guest director at the Selacine TV institute of the Dept. of Information and the Govt. film unit.

Many of his Films, TV dramas and documentaries have won awards at several award festivals local and international.

He has followed several courses in the field of television, stage drama and cinema under distinguished veterans both local and foreign.